Bachelor of Science in Health Education

The B. S. Degree in Health Education – Teacher Preparation from Rhode Island College prepares graduates to teach school children in grades K-12 essential skills necessary to adopt and support health enhancing behaviors. Experienced and dynamic faculty model best teaching practices in an interactive learning environment. The program provides teacher candidates many opportunities to work with children and youth in schools, giving the teacher candidate a hands-on and authentic experience. RIC Health Education courses prepare teacher candidates in health content areas, as well as in planning, implementation and assessment of health education curricula. The RIC Health Education graduate will be qualified to:

  • Teach diverse students
  • Create learning experiences based on best practices and in which all students can learn
  • Plan, implement and assess skills-based health education that promotes health literacy
  • Incorporate technology in the classroom
  • Collaborate with professionals in a Coordinated School Health Program
  • Advocate for health education
  • Reflect on their teaching and seek ongoing professional development and lifelong learning
  • Be a leader in the field of health education

The Health and Physical Education Department at Rhode Island College also offers three non-teacher certification options for individuals interested in health but who will seek employment outside of the K-12 school setting. For more information on our Bachelor of Science degree in Community Health and Wellness with concentrations in Community and Public Health Education, Health and Aging or Women’s Studies, please click here to bring you to the appropriate webpage. >

B.S. in Health Education

This page describes the teacher preparation track, NOT the Community Health concentration

Admission Requirements

  1. Consult the Feinstein School of Education website for general requirements.
  2. Program specific requirements are HED 102 with a minimum grade of B- and HED 202 with a minimum grade of B-.

Retention Requirements

  1. A minimum overall grade point average of 2.50 each semester.
  2. A minimum grade of B- in HED 300 and HED 418, and a recommendation to continue from the instructors of each course.
  3. There is a minimum grade requirement for all other required, professional and cognate courses. Please check with your advisor for more information.
  4. Completion of the Professional Service Retention Requirement prior to enrolling in Health Education 427.

Course Requirements

Students must present current certification in basic first aid and adult-child-infant CPR in order to student teach.

Course No. Course Title Credits
HED 101Human Sexuality3
HED 102Personal Health3
HED 202Principles of Health Education3
HED 221Nutrition3
HED 233Social Perspectives of Health3
HED 303Community Health3
HED 307Dynamics and Determinants of Disease3
HED 325Assessment in Health and Physical Education3
HED 404Organization and Administration of School Health Education Programs3
HED 410Stress Management3
HED 431Drug Education3

Professional Courses

CEP 315Educational Psychology3
FNED 346Schooling in a Democratic Society4
HED 300Concepts of Teaching4
HED 417Instructional Planning in Health Education3
HED 418Practicum in Health Education4
HED 427Student Teaching in Health Education10
HED 428Student Teaching Seminar in Health and Physical Education2
SPED 433Adaptation of Instruction for Inclusive Education3
Note: Students must present current certification in basic first aid, adult-child-infant CPR, and AED in order to student teach.


BIOL 108Basic Principles of Biology (*)4
BIOL 231Human Anatomy4
BIOL 335Human Physiology (**)4
PSYC 110Introduction to Psychology (***)4
* Fulfills the Natural Science category of General Education.
** Fulfills the Advanced Quantitative/Scientific Reasoning category of General Education
*** Fulfills the Social and Behavioral Sciences category of General Education

Total Credit Hours


Program coordinator

Susan Clark
Assistant Professor
The Murray Center
(401) 456-8226

Page last updated: March 3, 2015