School Nurse Teacher Certification in Rhode Island


Although Rhode Island College does not have an official school nurse teacher program, we do offer the eight courses needed for certification as a school nurse teacher.  The Rhode Island Department of Education (RIDE), Office of Educator Quality and Certification, issues the certificate once the coursework has been completed.

Please take the time to carefully review the Outside Linkcertification requirements. This website outlines not only the process for certification, but also the courses you need for both the certification of eligibility for employment (CEE) and for the professional certificate.  Follow the certification process carefully and take the appropriate courses for each type of School Nurse Teacher certification.

Once the appropriate coursework is completed, it is necessary to contact RIDE regarding submission of the necessary paperwork and transcripts.  Any questions regarding emergency certification, reciprocity with other states, or other possible course substitutions should be directed to the staff of Office of Educator Quality and Certification at the Rhode Island Department of Education.

RIC courses and RIDE requirements

The Rhode Island Department of Education issues two levels of certification for School Nurse Teachers.  The first or initial level is the CEE, (Certificate of Eligibility for Employment) and the second level is the professional certificate.

First 4 courses: Initial Certification, the CEE, taken in any order

RIDE Requirements RIC Courses that fulfill RIDE Requirements
Foundations of Education

FNED 502 Social Issues in Education 
FNED 546
Contexts of Schooling

Methods and Procedures of School Nursing HED 531 Methods and Procedures for School Nurse Teachers
Methods and Materials of Health Education HED 501 Curriculum Design in Health Education
Educational Psychology

CEP 552 Psychological Perspectives on Learning and Teaching

Second 4 courses: The Professional Certificate, taken in any order.

RIDE Requirements RIC Courses that fulfill RIDE Requirements
Principles of Guidance

CEP 532  Theories and Methods of Counseling

Org. – Admin of School Health HED 404 Organization and Administration of School Health Education Programs
Health Program Development HED 505 Principles of Program Development in Health Education
Education of Exceptional Children

SPED 531 Universal Design for Educating All Students

Frequently Asked Questions about School Nurse Teacher Certification

Who has the final say on school nurse teacher certification?

Does being certified as a school nurse teacher mean I can teach in public schools?

  • The school nurse teacher certification allows you to teach health courses in public schools in Rhode Island.  It does not, however, provide certification to teach other subjects.

Can I teach in Massachusetts or other states if I have school nurse teacher certificate issued by Rhode Island.

  • Each state has unique teacher certification requirements so it is best to contact the department of education of the state in question. 

Who can I contact at RIDE regarding certification?

  • The RIDE phone directory provides contact information for several members of the Office of Educator Quality and Certification.  Once you have made contact it’s a good idea to write down the staff person’s name so you can contact him or her directly in the future.

Do I need to take the PRAXIS II ?  If so, which one?

  • The PRAXIS II (K-6 or 7-12) is required for school nurse teacher certification but not for the graduate program.  The graduate program requires that you take either the MAT or GRE test. 

What score do I need on the PRAXIS? 

  • See the RIDE website for the up-to-date passing score requirement or contact a RIDE staff person directly.

Where and when are the PRAXIS tests given?

  • The Outside LinkETS website provides testing dates and locations.  On-line registration is available.

Do I need to apply to the school nurse teacher certification program at RIC? 

  • No.  RIC has no official program but does offer the necessary courses to meet RIDE requirements. 

Will undergraduate as well as graduate courses be accepted by RIDE?

  • Most likely as long as they meet the requirement, but it’s best to contact a member of the Office of Educator Quality and Certification if you have a question about a particular course.  The staff at RIDE may ask you to submit a detailed syllabus and course outline to help them answer your question.

What do I do when I finish the appropriate courses?

  • Contact RIDE about submitting your transcripts for review.  Please note that their webpage indicates a 2-3 month waiting period.  Do not expect a one or two week turn around.

Is it necessary for me to take the courses in any special order?

  • Yes and No:
    • Yes -You should take the first 4 courses first and then take the second 4 courses. 
    • No--There is no prescribed order within each of these groupings.  The Outside LinkRhode Island Department of Education web page identifies the first four and second four courses.

Can the courses taken for the school nurse teacher certification be used for the M.Ed in Health Education?

  • Yes, you are allowed to transfer three of these courses into the M.Ed program.  Therefore, plan on applying to the graduate program before completion of the third course.

How do I register for the courses?

  • Register online. The PIN number can be obtained from the records office at the college by calling 456-8213 or going to the Records office in building #4 on the East Campus.  

Do I need to be in the Health Education graduate program to register for classes?

  • No.  However, students who are matriculated in graduate programs can register earlier than those who are not matriculated in a graduate program.  

What do I do if I can’t get into a certification class?

  • There are several options.  Contact the secretary or chair of the department in question for advice or email the instructor, explain your situation, and ask for assistance.  Be sure to mention that you are working on the school nurse teacher certification.

I notice that I can take either FNED 502 or FNED 546.  Which is preferable?

  • The 502 course is for those with some teaching background; the 546 is for those who have little or no experience in schools.  If you are unsure which course is best for you, contact the instructor.  

I have a full time job.  When are the courses offered?

  • Unless otherwise noted, all graduate level courses are offered at either 4 or 7pm.

Are the courses I need offered each semester?

  • Not all courses are offered each semester.  The FNED, CEP, and SPED courses tend to be offered most often.  In many instances, these courses are offered each semester and summer as well.  The HED courses are offered only once per academic year and on occasion may be offered in the summer.

Where can I get an application to the M.Ed Health Education program?

If I need more information about the graduate program in health education, who should I contact.

  • Dr. Betty Rauhe is the coordinator of the program as well as the advisor to all students in the program.  Her office number is 456-9787 and her email address is

Page last updated: April 8, 2014