Project Explorations

Finding high-quality, developmentally appropriate, afterschool child care isn't easy to do, but at the Henry Barnard Laboratory School, we're doing our best to meet your need with Project Explorations. The program, now approaching its twenty-fifth year of operation, provides afterschool care, summer camps, and even some vacation camps during the school year.

Under the direction of Mr. Mark Young, Project Explorations staff of trained providers offers a wide variety of daily activities geared to each group of participants. Preschoolers meet in one of the preschool classrooms, so that the environment is safe and familiar for them. Kindergarteners, first and second graders, and third through fifth graders each meet in their own spaces, as well as using the gym, age appropriate playgrounds, computers, and other resources.

Daily activities include snack (important for growing bodies after school!), free play time, computers, a quiet zone for those who want to read or do homework, game area, gym activities, and outside play. During camps, participants also take field trips, go swimming at the College recreation area, and engage in talent shows and other fun activities.

Best of all, Project Explorations offers flexibilty in your child-care planning. Participants can sign up for as few as one day per week, as many as five, or anywhere in between, and the rate is always the same low daily investment. Camp sign-ups are offered first to current participants, and then extended to the rest of the community, so once involved with Project Explorations, you'll know you can count on them to deliver consistent, quality care to your son or daughter.

For more information about Project Explorations, just call Director, Mark Young, or Assistant Director, Valerie Pecchia, at 401.456.8811, or e-mail Mark at