Yanaiza Gallant, M.Ed., 2012

Being part of the Masters in Reading program at Rhode Island College has set me apart in my school district where I now work as a Reading Coach and Reading Specialist. What a great learning experience. The program made possible professional growth outside of my district and I can now provide research, data, and historical context about reading instruction to my colleagues. It also encouraged “different” thinking. I appreciate that the Master’s program prompted me to learn and think about reading in a more comprehensive way.

I attribute most of my success to my longstanding motivation to change public education. Family members and friends ask me why I do what I do and, most importantly, why I do it in my school district. Very good question! The answer is easy. I am a product of the Providence School Department. I was one of “those inner city students.” As a student, I had amazing teachers and I want to do the same for my students. Rhode Island College has been a part of my educational path. The knowledge base that I developed at RIC cannot be taken away and will benefit my students. My current position in the public schools allows me to spread that knowledge and inspire others to do the same. My experiences in the M.Ed. program and my position as a reading coach and specialist has led to some needed change thus far and I will continue to move forward with the change needed to TRULY do what is best for kids.