Xiaofang Lou, M.Ed.

I came to Rhode Island College in 2009 to pursue my master's degree in education. As an international student from China, I cannot imagine studying at a better place for inspiring and shaping me.

Rhode Island College has been dedicated to creating a relaxing and welcoming environment for international students. I feel so grateful that during my very first, as well as my toughest, period of studying abroad, the caring international advisors and professionals were always there to help me out.

I am in the TESL program, where the curriculum is perfectly designed for teacher candidates, and even more thoughtful and practical than I could have possibly expected. My professors are all full time, extremely responsible, and committed. My academic advisor and professor Dr. Nancy Cloud always works extra hours and is accessible even on the weekends. What even impressed me more is that all the faculty and staff members I have worked with show a great deal of understanding and appreciation towards diverse cultures. At RIC, I could indulge myself in various wonderful cultures and enjoy interacting with people from all over the world.

I am now doing my internship in the ESL program, working with wonderful professionals and students from all over the New England area. Thanks to the TESL program at RIC, I feel very prepared and confident as a teaching professional. I would like to say that among all the decisions I have made for my professional study and development studying at RIC has probably been the best one.