Sharon Galloway, M.Ed., 2003, MSN, 2010

In 1982, at the age of 18, I began a long term relationship with Rhode Island College. I earned a BA in Psychology, a BSN, an M.Ed in Health (2003) and, in May of 2010, an MSN in the first class of students completing the Masters of Nursing Program. The nursing faculty exemplified the "art of caring" and has touched my life. As a graduate student, the faculty challenged me with academic rigor and yet appreciated my commitment to our professional career and to family. The expectations and demands were high; however, the faculty always provided direction, support, and encouragement.

Why did I choose RIC? Simply stated, I wanted to pursue my education at a smaller school that provided an individualized learning environment. The program at RIC allowed me to balance my academic studies with my athletic training. In 2005 I was selected to the RIC "75th All Sports Team" in cross-country & Track, in 2006 inducted into the RIC Athletic Hall of Fame and in 2007 served on the committee that organized the celebration of "30 years in Women's Sports" at RIC. The graduate programs at RIC also made it possible to balance of academic work with my family responsibilities.

Currently I am an instructor at the Warwick Area Career & Technical Center for the Health Occupation Program. I helped develop and implement this program with the knowledge and skills I gained through my academic studies at RIC and work experience as a nurse. My journey has brought me full circle and I am honored to be currently teaching as an adjunct instructor in the School of Nursing.