Liz Trimbach, MA English, creative writing, 2011

Rhode Island College was a great place for me to study and pursue my graduate degree in English / Creative Writing. I was able to focus on my writing and compose a creative thesis of poetry as one would do in an MFA program. Also, the thesis defense and reading at the Graduate Symposium, frightening as they may sound, were actually thrilling, high moments of my time at RIC. My professors were instrumental in helping me hone my craft, define my aesthetic, and discover more about myself as a writer. In fact, one of my professors and I continue to meet to give each other feedback on our poetry. As an older student, I felt completely comfortable in the program, since there are students of all ages here. Additionally, the other students I met here became an instant source of support and camaraderie; I continue to keep in contact with several of them.

Next steps for me include getting my poetry published in journals and finding a new job that involves writing and/or teaching. The literary education and all the feedback and support I received at RIC are major factors in giving me the skills and confidence to pursue my goals. I may also go on to work toward a PhD in creative writing or I may even end up back at RIC, studying for a master's in secondary education. Wherever I end up, not only will my experiences here always inform and assist me in my endeavors, but I will also remember my times at RIC with pleasure, gratitude and fondness.