Alexander Nanni, TESL, 2009

The M.Ed. in TESL program at RIC exceeded my expectations. It was an opportunity to study the theory and practice of language teaching alongside peers from diverse teaching backgrounds. Language teaching is a huge field, but the courses that I took were an excellent sampling of its various aspects. In addition to methods classes, I was also able to study language acquisition theory, linguistics, educational technology, curriculum design, and assessment.

One of the most valuable elements of the program was the teaching practicum. I had the opportunity to spend many hours in the classroom of a highly experienced teacher. I was able to observe her teaching and to teach several classes under her guidance. The program director also observed two of the classes that I taught and wrote formal observations. Their feedback was invaluable.

I am now working as a level coordinator at the Preparation Center for Languages and Mathematics at Mahidol University International College, which is located in Salaya, Thailand. The curriculum is currently being updated to reflect current theory in language teaching, and I am able to put the knowledge I gained at RIC to use. Without having completed higher studies in education, I would have been neither qualified nor knowledgeable enough to participate in this project. The TESL program at RIC developed areas of my teaching that I have previously neglected, such as the integration of technology into instruction, and it prepared me for my current employment by giving me a solid understanding of theory.