How to Submit a Proposal

Timelines for Submitting Your Proposal

Proposals will be considered by the Graduate Committee after they have been reviewed by Executive Committee of Graduate Committee. Please bear in mind the following guidelines for implementing graduate curriculum proposals.

Approval by ImplementationNote
End of December May be scheduled for the following fall
End of March May be scheduled for the following fall -Makes the 1 April editorial deadline for the following year's College Catalog
-Fall course schedule is already set
April and May meetings Fall implementation for a year from the following year is recommended -May not make the editorial deadline for the next year's College Catalog
Please note that proposals that need Board of Governor approval (i.e. new or substantially altered programs) will take longer to gain their final approval.

Information on Preparing Your Proposal

All guidelines are in Section 4.2 of the Graduate Committee Manual, "Information About the Preparation of Proposals."

All proposals need 1) Proposal Form(s) and 2) College Catalog page(s). Download both (below).

For Courses (new or changes)

  • Propose a new course. Use a separate form for each new course you are proposing
  • If the new course is to be included within a specific program, then you should also complete the section covering a program revision (this can be done using the same form).
  • If the new course is replacing an already existing course, you should indicate this on the form and mark the old course for deletion. Check to see if this deletion will affect any other programs, and ensure those affected are informed and indicate any changes in the program revision section (an acknowledgment signature will be required).

Possible revisions to courses:

  • Change a course number
  • Change a course title
  • Change the description of a course
  • Change the number of contact hours
  • Change the number of credit hours
  • Change a course's prerequisites
  • Change a course grading system
  • Delete a course
  • Make another change not listed above.

You may use one form to make multiple changes to a single course. You may also use one form to make the same change to more than one course (for example, to make the same prerequisite change to two or three courses.). But if you are making different changes to different courses, please use separate forms for each course.

For Programs (new or changes)

  • Propose a new graduate program, or add a concentration to an existing program. New programs will require approval from the Board of Governors, which can take some time, so determine ahead of time if this really is a new program, or just a revision of an existing one. The measure is whether or not you are changing more than 25% of the program. Guidelines for new or drastically altered programs (which also need approval from the Board of Governors) can be found on the RIBGHE website.
  • Propose a revision or revisions to a graduate program. If you will be offering new or revised courses as part of this revised program, include proposals to cover these in addition to this form, as needed. Do NOT include new courses or revisions to courses on the same form as the program proposal.

College Catalog Copy Pages

Below you will find a list of files in MS Word format representing the College Catalog to assist you in creating the catalog copy for your proposal. Each file is a different section of the Catalog. These Word files are from the current Web Catalog. To edit course descriptions and programs proceed as follows:

  1. Do an electronic search to identify all catalog pages affected by your proposed change, program listings and course descriptions. If you are revising the course number, title, credit hours, prerequisite, or description, you must find any page that lists the course as a requirement, elective, cognate, or general education course, etc. Remember that other departments or programs may also list the course and it is your responsibility to find these.
  2. From the list below, select and download the file(s) that contain the materials you need to update. They have been divided into sections to try and make these easier to find
  3. Copy ALL the pages that you will need to change (program sections, course descriptions), paste them into a separate Microsoft Word document, and then turn on “Track Changes”. All of your catalog changes for a proposal need to be contained within a single file. Use page breaks to separate the different sections.
  4. Make the changes, save the file, and give it a name that connects it clearly to your proposal.
  5. Send this file, along with the proposal, in an attachment to

To Whom Do I Send the Form?

After completing the form, please acquire all necessary signatures. The copy of the form with signatures must be sent in paper form to the Chair of the Graduate Committee in time for that month's Executive Committee meeting for Graduate Committee.

The electronic version of your completed form (with typed names where the signatures will be), and your revised catalog copy must be emailed to the Chair of the Graduate Committee, at by noon on the deadlines noted on the website. Please note, any additional explanatory notes, tables, charts etc. or syllabi, must be part of the proposal document, and should not be sent as separate files.


Page last updated: Wednesday, September 21, 2016