Melinda Duquette, MA, Math, 2008

For many years now, Rhode Island College seemed to be my home. I double majored in Math and Psychology as an undergraduate, finished in 3 years and immediately continued on for my Master's in Mathematics. The math department faculty was wonderful to work with and I was pleased to receive the teaching assistantship during my last year.

I took some some time off over the summer and spent a month in New Mexico studying Kundalini Yoga. It was a great experience and vacation after so many years as a student without a break.

In January of 2009 I began work as full time faculty for CCRI on their beautiful Newport campus. I have had nothing but wonderful experiences with the dedicated teachers at this community school. I plan on working in this community for many years to come.

At 25 years old, my accomplishments have given me a great career and a determination to continue to succeed in life. Special thanks to Dr. Humphreys, Dr. Abrahamson, and Dr. Kovac for being such wonderful professors during my academic career. Also to Megan DiBonaventura, a great friend and peer, currently adjunct and staff at RIC, who encouraged me to continue and not give up during the challenging moments in the program.