David Weiss, MA, Math, 2009

Teaching high school math is a relatively new career for me. I spent close to 20 years in the electronics industry where work in training and quantitative analysis helped to steer me back to math and to education. The R.I. Teacher Education (RITE) Program drew me to RIC for teaching certification in secondary school mathematics. With certification, I became a math teacher at La Salle Academy where I have been teaching algebra, geometry, and precalculus for six years now.

I returned to RIC after my first year of teaching and began the MA program in Math. I had enjoyed math classes at RIC and wanted to revisit and strengthen my understanding of Calculus and Differential Equations, subjects key in an engineering education. In addition to studying these subjects, I was able to participate in a research project in Differential Equations with Dr. Lisa Humphreys.

The master's degree program was flexible and met my needs and schedule. I took one course per semester, two courses in the summer and completed the program in just two and a half years. I had a varied choice of electives, both in mathematics and in education. The professors made the classes interesting and challenging and were always available for help. I often met with my fellow students to work and to study together. The atmosphere was cooperative rather than competitive.

The master's degree built on my background and interests and has definitely helped in my career. Next year I will be teaching Advanced Placement Calculus at La Salle to high school seniors, many of whom will go on to study engineering in college.