Baccalaureate Checklist

  • Have you received your degree audit and reviewed it with your academic advisor or department chair? It is very important to review this audit and to make sure that you have fulfilled all of the requirements for graduation. If discrepancies are uncovered, contact the Records Office immediately at (401) 456-8213.
  • Under which school does your degree fall? RIC awards degrees in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, the Feinstein School of Education and Human Development, the School of Social Work, and the School of Management and the School of Nursing. Do you know which school will award your degree? Check with your advisor, department chair or the Records Office if you are uncertain. This information will be useful when it is time to order your cap, gown and hood from the RIC Bookstore. The color of the velvet on your hood and the color of the tassel on your cap are determined by the school in which your degree is awarded.
  • Have you verified your curriculum, major, and minor (if applicable) with your academic advisor or department chair?
  • Rhode Island College awards degrees in the following schools:

    Faculty of Arts and Sciences (White hood and tassel)
    • B.A. (Liberal Arts)
    • B.F.A.
    • B.G.S.
    • B.M.
    • B.S.
    School of Education and Human Development (Light blue hood and tassel)
    • B.A.
    • B.S.
    School of Social Work (Citron hood and tassel)
    • B.S.W.
    School of Management (Drab hood and tassel)
    • B.A.
    • B.S.
    School of Nursing (Apricot hood and tassel)
    • B.S.N.
  • Do you have any remaining financial obligation to the college? Any outstanding financial obligation will prevent your degree from being posted on your transcript of academic record. Also, many students do not realize that failure to complete a student loan exit interview will cause the Bursar's Office to place a "hold" on their record and that no transcripts may be released until this criterion has been satisfied.

Page last updated: Friday, August 12, 2016