Minor in Gender and Women's Studies

(Effective Fall 2013)

The minor in gender and women's studies consists of a minimum of 18–20 credit hours (5-6 courses) as follows:

Course No. Course Title Credits
GEND 200Gender and Society4
GEND 201Introduction to Feminist Inquiry4
(It is strongly advised that GEND 201 be taken early in the student's career)
Three courses from Humanities and Social and Behavioral Sciences categories; 2 from one category and 1 from the other.


One or two courses from
GEND 356Class Matters4
GEND 353The Holocaust: Women and Resistance3
COMM 332Gender and Communication4
ENGL 324Literature by Women4
ENGL 326Studies in African American Literature4
HIST 314Women in European History4
HIST 333Women in American History4
ART 461Seminar in Art History3
XXX 350Topics Course (when on gender and women's studies)3-4

Social and Behavioral Sciences

One or two courses from
GEND 354Teenagers in/and the Media4
GEND 357Gender and Sexuality4
GEND 458Gender and Education4
POL 309Women and Politics4
POL 333Law and Politics of Civil Rights4
PSYC 356Psychology of Women4
SOC 342Women, Crime, and Justice4
FNED 346Schooling in a Democratic Society4
XXX 350Topics Course (when on gender and women's studies)3-4

Total Credit Hours


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