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College Supervisors

College Supervisors are responsible for preparing, guiding and supervising the student teacher throughout the student teaching experience. The college supervisor works closely with the cooperating teacher to ensure that each student teacher is provided with opportunities for developing skills as a reflective practitioner. Adobe PDFGoals of the college supervisor.

The Feinstein School of Education and Human Development has entered into formal partnerships with 26 Rhode Island school districts and one charter school. A copy of the Partnership Agreement and links to all school district partners is located under Partnership Information.

The Adobe PDFStudent Teaching Handbook contains important information concerning the student teaching experience. Student Teaching observation forms can be obtained from the Student Teaching Handbook, Appendix C.

Information about Entering Observation and Progress Reports (Spring 2011):

We do not need to send you a link to enter your Observation and Progress Reports (OPR), but rather, just visit:

In the far RIGHT hand corner you will find, Program Exit (Summative Assessment). A copy of the current TCWS is posted, and then there is a link Enter TCWS data. (Note that College Supervisors enter the TCWS scores.) The next line has the Observation and Progress Report and Enter OPR data. This is where you enter the scores/data for the OPR (It looks like Checkbox but we have moved to a school wide system called SurveyGizmo). IMPORTANT-Cooperating Teachers and College Supervisors need the Emplid and the RIC email of their teacher candidate in order to enter the OPR data. Ask your teacher candidate for this information and we have asked them to provide this to you as well.

Student Teacher Problems And Concerns

Problems or concerns about a student teacher or a student teacher's placement are to be directed to the Assistant Dean of Partnerships and Placements. Dr. Sullivan and her assistant, Kimberly Crabill may be reached at:

Student Teaching Seminar And Exit Portfolio Requirements

Questions concerning the development of the Exit Portfolio and/or the Student Teaching Seminar are to be directed to your department chair.

Student Teaching Calendar And Forms

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