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RIDE Certification Test

A FSEHD policy requires all teacher candidates to have passed the RIDE required certification tests at the minimal passing score prior to starting of their student teaching experience. This policy affects more candidates entering student teaching in Fall of 2013 and thereafter, because of the Adobe PDFOutside Linknew testing requirements developed by RIDE and approved by the Board of Regents. There is no waiver to this policy. Note, individual programs may require earlier timing of the test or higher than RIDE’s cut-off scores.

RIDE will accept the passing score from any Praxis II test that was the correct certification test at the time it was taken. (RIDE August 31, 2012)

Information about Praxis II testing and FSEHD Praxis Policy Statement

All FSEHD teacher candidates seeking Initial Licensure in Rhode Island are required to take and pass specific certification tests, also known as the PRAXIS II tests.  The Rhode Island Department of Education (RIDE) has designated which certification tests and minimum scores are required for licensure in different teaching areas.

All teacher candidates will have multiple exams to take in their teacher preparation programs, and must comply with the varied timeframes established by their primary program department and the Office of Partnerships and Placements (OPP).  Additionally, OPP has specific non-negotiable dates/semester when all test results must be completed and reported before student teaching placements can/will be secured.  For example:

  • an Elementary or Secondary Education teacher candidate who will be student teaching, as well as Middle Grades, must pass all the required tests prior to the first placement;
  • all Special Education candidates must pass all tests prior to the first Elementary or Secondary Education placement;
  • If there are three certification areas, then all three tests must completed prior to the first of the three placements.

OPP seeks and secures placements through contracts with schools/districts well in advance of the actual start date of student teaching.  This, coupled with the fact that RIDE requires these certification tests, the FSEHD and OPP are obligated to adhere to firm deadlines.

However, at times, candidates may need to retake a test when the minimum score has not been achieved, or when test results will be received after the semester deadline.  At this time, candidates can appeal to the FSEHD when consideration is needed for an extension for one exam ONLY.  During extenuating circumstances, candidates can submit an appeal request to the Assistant Dean, Office of Partnerships & Placements of the FSEHD who will define the necessary steps to formally appeal the Associate Dean for Teacher Education.  Specific guidelines must be followed with respect to test dates, submission of scores, and other program requirements.

Recommendations for FSEHD Teacher Candidates:
•             Work with your program advisor and follow certification test requirements
•             Be pro-active and be aware of new RIDE requirements
•             Check the FSEHD website re: PRAXIS test updates
•             Take and successfully pass and report your tests early to OPP

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Page last updated: November 1, 2013