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Field Placements

  • Instructors are responsible for seeking and requesting effective field placements for their teacher candidates, but all requests need to be documented through

What to tell teachers?

  • RIC pays for practicum, but not observation placements
  • To get paid, clinical instructors (host teachers) should submit a request at this website towards the end of the clinical experience.

Information for Faculty

Observation and Practicum Placement Policy and Procedure

Observation Procedures for Henry Barnard School (Adobe PDFObservation Procedures; Adobe PDFObservation Form )

Step 1.
It is the responsibility of the faculty member to find a clinical instructor (teacher) for practicum work with our RIC students.

Keep the Principal informed about your request for using a clinical instructor for practicum at their school.

Step 2.
After finding appropriate clinical instructors, make a formal request on ALL placement requests for both observation and practicum must be submitted through this online survey format.

Step 3.
Before your RIC students are allowed to enter the schools, you must have received a formal approval from OPP. This could take two weeks or more for completed district paperwork. If you do not receive an email response from OPP with an approval/denial within 2-weeks, send an email inquiry to OPP.

Step 4.
Inform your students of the district BCI policy and closely follow these rules.

Adobe PDFBe sure to follow BCI district procedures (October 2014).

FSEHD Partnership Districts

More more information contact the Office of Partnerships and Placements at  or (401) 456-8965.

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Page last updated: Friday, January 20, 2017