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Graduate Programs in the School of Education

Making it Happen

E Yee Hilary Lundgren

Elena Yee: Change Agent
MS Clinical Mental Health Counseling, current student

Hilary Lundgren: Digital Champion
MAT Elementary Education, 2014

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Change Agent

Elena Yee, a graduate student in our Masters of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, knows what it is to be "other". In fact, she's counting on it as the key to her success. Yee was the rare woman engineer working in industrial manufacturing in the 1980s, she experienced cultural alienation within her family after leaving that lucrative profession to pursue a path of service as a teacher, and today she's a non-traditional student in her fifties and one of the few students of color in her classes at RIC. The Boston native is counting on all of those experiences to strengthen her skills as a clinical mental health counselor serving marginalized and under-represented students on college campuses.

The daughter of Chinese immigrants, Yee was recently recognized as a 2015 American College Counseling Association (ACCA) Emerging Leader. She is also the Graduate Assistant for the Counseling, Educational Psychology and Leadership department at Rhode Island College. Yee worked for fourteen years in diversity in higher education and as an EFL and history teacher in Vietnam, Alaska, and China. In 2013, she Outside Linkwrote about a life-changing interrogation by China's Secret Police in a This I Believe essay broadcast on Rhode Island Public Radio.

Yee said she was drawn to the graduate program at RIC partly "because it is a much more racially diverse campus than other campuses I've been at or worked at in Rhode Island." She's making the shift from Student Affairs to counseling after asking herself, "What can I continue doing that will carry me even into my 70s and still be contributing to our society and helping others?" Elena Yee shares the frustrations and inspirations of her educational journey in two frank blogs: Outside LinkThe View from Here and Outside LinkAmerican Counseling Association.


From Dropout to Digital Champion

When Providence native Hilary Lundgren dropped out of school in the 10th grade, she could not have imagined the passion she would discover for education. Lundgren, a graduate of our MAT in Elementary Education program, was named a Rhode Island Digital Learning Champion earlier this year. The award celebrates educators who engage students by using technology to personalize learning. Lundgren is a fifth-grade teacher at West Broadway Middle School in Providence. She is currently working toward her Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) certificate at RIC.

Lundgren and fellow Digital Learning Champion Rachel Salvatore created a playful Outside LinkYouTube video co-starring their students to explain how they implement blended learning to reach students at every level by using data to drive individualized instruction. Lundgren has a cheerleader in WBMS principal, Bill Black, who submitted his own Outside Linkvideo rap supporting her nomination.

Lundgren credits the Highlander Institute of Providence with training her to integrate technology in a way that enables her "to meet my kids exactly where they are while still meeting the standards". The math and ELA teacher believes that combining face-to-face instruction with online content and assessment gives her students the chance to show more and measurable academic growth. She also credits blended learning for deepening her relationship with students, saying "I'm not only able to get to know them on an academic level of where they're at and where they need to be, but also at a social level: where in life they see themselves going and how we can make that connection between school and life and how we can make their learning in school really meaningful for us and for them." Lundgren's zeal for meaningful learning may be a product of her own experience as a disgruntled high school dropout who would later "decide to become a better person than what I was". Her transformative journey would take her from community college to Wheelock College, where she discovered a love of the classroom that brought her home to Providence and the Feinstein School of Education and Human Development at Rhode Island College.

Outside LinkPh.D. in Education Program

The Ph.D. in Education Program is offered jointly by Rhode Island College and the University of Rhode Island.

Advanced Studies in Teaching and Learning M.Ed.
Art Education (Art Department) M.A.T. (with initial licensure)
Counseling Programs:  
     Advanced Counseling C.G.S.
     MS in Clinical Mental Health MS
     School Counseling M.A.
Early Childhood Education M.Ed.
Educational Leadership M.Ed.
Elementary Education M.Ed.
Elementary Education M.A.T.. (with initial licensure)
Health Education M.Ed.
Middle Grades Certification C.G.S
Music Education ( Music, Theatre and Dance Department ) M.A.T. (with initial licensure)
Physical Education C.G.S.
Reading M.Ed. (with advanced certificate)
School Psychology M.A. | C.A.G.S.
Secondary Education M.A.T. (with initial licensure)
Teaching English as a Second Language M.Ed. (with advanced certificate)
Special Education:


     Autism Education C.G.S.
     Early Childhood, Birth-Kindergarten M.Ed.
     Exceptional Learning Needs M.Ed.
     Middle-Secondary Level C.G.S.
     Special Education Certification M.Ed.
     Severe Intellectual Disabilities M.Ed | C.G.S.
     Urban Multicultural M.Ed.

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