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Graduate Programs in the School of Education


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Graduate Programs

Ph.D. in Education Program

The Ph.D. in Education Program is offered jointly by Rhode Island College and the University of Rhode Island.

Advanced Studies in Teaching and Learning M.Ed.
Art Education (Art Department) M.A.T. (with initial licensure)
Counseling Programs:  
     Advanced Counseling C.G.S.
     MS in Clinical Mental Health MS
     School Counseling M.A.
Early Childhood Education M.Ed.
Educational Leadership M.Ed.
Elementary Education M.Ed.
Elementary Education M.A.T.. (with initial licensure)
Elementary Education - specialized C.G.S.
Health Education M.Ed.
Middle Grades Certification C.G.S
Music Education ( Music, Theatre and Dance Department ) M.A.T. (with initial licensure)
Physical Education C.G.S.
Reading M.Ed. (with advanced certificate)
School Psychology M.A. | C.A.G.S.
Secondary Education M.A.T. (with initial licensure)
Secondary Education - Specialized C.G.S.
Teaching English as a Second Language M.Ed. (with advanced certificate)
Teaching English as a Second Language C.G.S.
Special Education:


     Autism Education C.G.S.
     Early Childhood, Birth-Kindergarten M.Ed.
     Exceptional Learning Needs M.Ed.
     Middle-Secondary Level C.G.S.
     Special Education Certification M.Ed.
     Severe Intellectual Disabilities M.Ed | C.G.S.
     Urban Multicultural M.Ed.
World Languages Education M.A.T.

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