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Susan Dell

Horace Mann Hall (HM) 047
(401) 456-8557

Academic Background

Ph.D San Diego State University, Claremont Graduate School 1995 Multicultural Education Special Education

M.Ed Rhode Island College 1985 Severe/Profound Special Education

B.S. Buffalo State College 1982 Special Ed. & Elem. Education

Courses Taught

SPED 300: Introduction to the Characteristics and Education of Children and Youth with Disabilities

SPED 311: Language Development and Communication Problems of Children

SPED 433: Adaptation of Instruction for Inclusive Education

SPED 438: Student Teaching Seminar: Special Class for Students with Severe/Profound Disabilities

SPED 505: Oral and Written Language: Classroom Intervention

SPED 525: Development of Communication and Movement

SPED 526: Assessment, Curriculum, Methods for Children with Multiple Disabilities


  • Education and curriculum development for individuals with severe disabilities and deaf-blindness with an
    emphasis on inclusion

  • Educational applications of technology

  • Development of Communication and Language

Recent Scholarly Activity

On-line Learning Modules: Developed three fully accessible on-line modules on adapted science curriculum in Life
Science, Earth & Space Science, and Physical Science. (2012). Available at:

On-Site Training: Conducted three RIDE training (2011-2012) for over 400 teachers annually in topics related to Rhode
Island Alternate Assessment for students with significant intellectual disabilities.

Presentations and Publications

Adapted literature: Over 200 adapted literature developed and available on the Sherlock Center website at: http:/
. Publications include literature for all school levels (preschool,
elementary, middle, high school) and in a variety of formats (printable text, PowerPoint).

Curriculum Support Materials: Over 100 curriculum support materials for students who benefit from adapted
curriculum in content areas of Reading, Writing, Mathematics and Science. Available at:

Dell, S.J. & Grattan, A. (2011-2012). Rhode Island Alternate Assessment Educator Training (September 2011, December
2011, March 2012). Warwick, RI.

Dell, S.J. & Antosh, A. (2009). Rhode Island Services to Children and Youth with Dual Sensory Impairments Grant
Performance Report (Grant award H326C000003‐02). Washington, DC: U.S. Government Printing Office.

Dell, S.J. (2006). Transition Programs for Students with Deaf‐blindness. Monmouth, OR: National Technical Assistance
Consortium (dB‐Link).

Dell, S.J., Antosh, A., Constable, S., & Pascoe, J. (2003). Effective Practices for Students with Disability that
Significantly Affect Function. Providence, RI: Rhode Island College.

Curriculum Vita

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