Thomas Meedel

Fogarty Life Science (FLS)

Academic Background

Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania.

Courses Taught

BIOL 111 Introductory Biology I
BIOL 231 Human Anatomy
BIOL 491 Problems in Biology
BIOL 492 Problems in Biology
BIOL 652 Adv Topics in Biology
BIOL 692 Directed Research


The molecular genetics of muscle cell development in ascidians and the evolution of chordate muscle types.


Development of ascidian muscles and their evolutionary relationship to other chordate muscle types. In: Progress in Developmental Biology, Reproductive Biology of Invertebrates VII (1998): pp. 305-330. K.G. Adiyodi and R.G Adiyodi, eds., Wiley-Interscience.

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Meedel, T.H., Chang, P., Yasuo, H. Muscle development in Ciona intestinalis requires the beta-HLH myogenic regulatory factor gene Ci-MRF. Dev. Biol. 302 (2007): 333-344.

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