Steven Threlkeld

Horace Mann Hall (HM) 312
(401) 456-8585

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Academic Background

  • B.A. Psychology, University of Portland, Portland OR, 2003

  • M.A. Behavioral neuroscience, University of Connecticut, Storrs CT, 2006

  • Ph.D. Behavioral neuroscience, University of Connecticut, Storrs CT, 2008

Courses Taught

PSYC 345 Physiological Psychology
PSYC 477 Research Meth In Exp Psych


Teaching: Research methods in Experimental Psychology; Physiological psychology (Behavioral Neuroscience)

Research: Disorders of neurodevelopment: Animal models of Pathogenesis, anatomical and behavioral outcome


Peer Reviewed

  • Threlkeld S.W., Lynch J.L., Lynch K.M., Sadowska G.B., Banks W.A., Stonestreet B.S. (2010) Ovine proinflammatory coytokines cross the murine blook-brain barrier by a common saturable transport mechanism. Neuroimmunomodulation. 17(6): 405-10.

  • Threlkeld S.W., Hill C.A., Cleary C., Troung D., Rosen G.D., Fitch R.H., (2009).Developmental learning impairments in a rodent model of nodular heterotopias. J Neurodev. Dis., 1 (3): 237-250.

  • Threlkeld S.W., Hill, C.A., Rosen, G.D., Fitch, R.H., (2009) Early acoustic discrimination experience ameliorates auditory processing deficits in male rats with cortical developmental disruption. International J. Devel. Neurosci. 27 (4): 321-8.

  • Threlkeld S.W., Penley, S.C., Rosen, G.D., Fitch, R.H., (2008). Detection of silent gaps in white noise following cortical deactivation in rats. Neuroreport, 19 (8): 893-8.

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  • Threlkeld S.W., Rosen, G.D., Fitch, R.H., (2007). Age at developmental cortical injury differentially alters corpus callosum volume in the rat. BMC Neuroscience,12; 8: 94.

  • Threlkeld S.W., McClure, M. M., Bai, J., Wang, Y., LoTurco, J.J., Rosen, G.D., & Fitch, R. H., (2007). Developmental Disruptions and Behavioral Impairments in Rats Following In Utero RNAi of Dyx1c1. Brain Research Bulletin, 71(5): 508-14.

  • Rosen, G.D., Bai, J., Wang, Y., Fiondella, C.G., Threlkeld S.W., Loturco, J.J., Galaburda, A.M., (2007). Disruption of neuronal migration by RNAi of Dyx1c1 results in neocortical and hippocampal malformations. Cerebral Cortex, 17(11): 2562-72.

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  • McClure, M. M., Threlkeld S.W., Rosen, G. D., & Fitch, R. H., (2005). Auditory processing deficits in unilaterally and bilaterally injured hypoxic-ischemic rats.
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  • Peiffer, A. M., McClure, M. M., Threlkeld, S. W., Rosen, G. D., & Fitch, R. H., (2004). Severity of focal microgyria and associated rapid auditory processing deficits.
    Neuroreport, 15, 1923-1926.

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