Anita Duneer

Craig-Lee Hall (CL) 352
(401) 456-8658
(401) 456-8028

Academic Background

B.A. University of Alaska
M.A., Ph.D. University of Connecticut

Courses Taught

ENGL 161 Western Literature
ENGL 202 Introduction To Literary Study II
ENGL 207 Backgrounds In American Literature
ENGL 326 Studies in Afro-American Literature
ENGL 327 Ethnic American Literature
ENGL 336 Non-Western Literatures
ENGL 524 Topics in Postcolonial Literatures
WRTG 100 Writing and Rhetoric


Postcolonial literature and theory, 19th- and early 20th-century American literature, ethnic American literature, and maritime literature.

Current Research Projects

Anita Duneer is currently working on a book about women and the sea, which merges interests in postcolonial and travel literatures, female characters in sea fiction, and literary naturalism.


Peer-reviewed publications include articles in ESQ: A Journal of the American Renaissance, American Literary Realism, The Midwest Quarterly, The Journal of American Drama and Theatre, and a/b: Auto/Biography Studies. Reviews and other invited contributions have appeared in The Nautilus: A Maritime Journal of Literature, History, and Culture, The Arthur Miller Journal, The Call: The Magazine of the Jack London Society, and ALN: The American Literary Naturalism Newsletter.

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