Snow Removal

Snow and ice removal on the campus of Rhode Island College is a large and demanding task. The Department of Facilities and Operations is responsible for over 5 miles of sidewalks, 3 miles of roads, acres of parking areas, driveways, handicapped ramps, and stirs each requiring the expeditious plowing, shoveling, and sanding for safe travel throughout campus. A combination of Grounds personnel and private contractors work non-stop under difficult conditions to ensure the safety of our campus community and that classes continue as scheduled.

The plan put into effect during these events is called "Operation Snowflake". Many small crews are spread throughout the campus to clear the snow and ice from walks and other paved surfaces. While classes are in session, walks, ramps, stairs, and roads are kept as clear as possible. Travel lanes within parking areas are also plowed. Upon the conclusion of classes for the day, the parking areas are re-plowed to clear the entire area in preparation for the next day of classes.

Residence Hall residents that park long term in Parking Lot L, south of Weber Hall, may borrow a shovel from the Office of Residential Life and Housing to clear the snow from around their personal vehicles, if necessary.

How do I check for Class Cancellation?

To ensure classes and work are on schedule and have not been delayed or cancelled during a storm, please visit the college's Emergency Management website or contact the Rhode Island College Information Line at 456-9500.


Greg Gammell
Associate Director
(401) 456-8262

Page last updated: Thursday, March 21, 2013