English Program

The English major at Rhode Island College offers the opportunity to explore literature as well as other texts from the past and present through a variety of perspectives in literary and cultural criticism.

English majors at Rhode Island College learn to analyze both verbal and visual texts from a number of genres and a variety of historical periods. In the major, students learn to read texts critically and with sensitivity to the historical and cultural conditions within which they are produced. We emphasize effective writing in a variety of critical modes, while also encouraging students to understand current theory and to employ varieties of theoretical approaches in their critical analyses.

The English Department at Rhode Island College prepares its graduate students to read, write, and think critically about literature and culture on an advanced level. We expose students to a variety of theoretical and pedagogical approaches, and we promote their ability to pursue independent research by presenting current resources and methodologies in the field.  By offering a broad range of courses, we allow students to expand their knowledge about literature, theory, and criticism; by working with students individually on directed studies, exams, or theses, we give students the opportunity to explore a subject in depth and to develop expertise in a particular area. The Creative Writing program allows students  to expand their knowledge of and proficiency in the crafts of poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction. All of the graduate programs in English prepare students to function as literary professionals, whether as teachers, writers, or scholars.

English majors may choose an internship option, usually completed for 3 credits. The internship requires the student to devote 8 – 10 hours per week to the internship. Recent interns have been placed at the Paul V. Sherlock Center on Disabilities; Rhode Island Geography Education Alliance; Rhode Island Council for the Humanities; What’s News at Rhode Island College; Rhode Island Monthly magazine and other places.  For more information contact Dr. Michael Michaud at 456-8661 or mmichaud@ric.edu.

Page last updated: Tuesday, April 28, 2015