Campus Advisory: Cold Weather Warning - Click here for details.

Emergency Management/Campus Advisories

Campus Advisory - College Urges Precaution during Severe Cold

Dangerously low temperatures are forecast for this weekend. The college wants to urge students, faculty and staff to take precautions during this period of extremely cold weather. Stay indoors if you can. If you must go outside, dress in layers. If you take your vehicle out, make sure that it is properly winterized. Avoid exposing your skin to this cold because it can cause frostbite very quickly. If you suspect that you have frostbite, please seek medical attention immediately.

During the unusually cold weather, the college is taking a number of proactive steps. Temperature set points are being raised in an effort to avoid any frozen pipes and to ensure the comfort and safety of residence hall students. Campus police as well as facilities and operations staff will be walking and checking buildings.

IMPORTANT: The college asks that no one open windows in offices, classrooms or residence halls; these extreme temperatures can seriously affect building pipes and HVAC systems in a very short time.

If residence hall students experience a sudden loss of heat in their rooms, become aware that pipes are not functioning properly or observe any other activity that may be a byproduct of the severe cold, those students are advised to contact a residence hall staff member as soon as possible. If a staff member is not available, students should contact campus police at 456-8201.

NOTIFICATIONS: During any significant weather event or emergency, the RIC community may access up-to-date information by calling the college information line at (401) 456-9500. Alerts, when necessary, will be posted to the website and sent by text message to all RICAlert subscribers. Additionally, pertinent information will be available on RIC’s social media accounts and on local radio and TV stations.

Please exercise caution when walking and driving on campus.

It is also recommended that all campus constituents register for college notification systems. For more information on the RICAlert system, click here.

Rhode Island College is dedicated to providing a safe and healthy campus environment for students, faculty, staff and the surrounding community. The Emergency Management/Campus Advisories web page is a hub for the posting of timely and concise information of value related to inclement weather and other campus advisories.

In the event of delays or class/college closures, Rhode Island College will post information in accordance with the class cancellation / college closing policy.

In addition to the RIC website, notices will be posted:

  1. On the college information line at (401) 456-9500;
  2. With local radio and television stations through the Rhode Island Broadcasters Association consortium;
  3. Via text messages using RICAlert - the Rhode Island College Emergency Notification System;
  4. and on the Outside LinkRIC Facebook and Outside LinkTwitter pages.

Sign up for RICAlert

We urge all members of the campus community to register for the college's RICAlert text messaging system. This emergency notification system allows the college to send an emergency text message through any mobile device to members of the college community for whom it has a mobile phone number and will only be used in the event of an emergency, including the small chance that classes would need to be delayed or cancelled. Adobe PDFClick here for registration instructions and click here to access MyRIC. (There may be a short delay before your subscription to RICAlert is activated.) Here is a list of FAQs for RICAlert.

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Page last updated: February 13, 2016