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General Science

Along with completing required courses in secondary education, students electing a major in general science must complete the following courses with a minimum grade point average of 2.50 and a minimum grade of C:

  • BIOL 111, 112
  • CHEM 103, 104
  • MATH 209, 212, 240
  • PSCI 212, 217, 357
  • PHYS 101 and 102 (or PHYS 200 and 201)
  • ONE RESEARCH COURSE from: BIOL 491, CHEM 491, PHYS 491, PSCI 491
  • THREE COURSES at the 300-level or above from the following areas: biology, chemistry, physical science, and physics (two courses must be in the same area)
(Total Credit Hours: 57–60)

Note: To enroll in SED 411 and 412, students must have completed at least 55 credit hours of required and cognate courses in the major or have the consent of the program advisor. Prior to SED 421, students must have completed all requirements in the general science major.

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