Moustafa Abu El Fadl

Alger Hall (ALG) 236
(401) 456-9534
(401) 456-8036

Academic Background

PhD Finance, Old Dominion University
CFA ( Charter Financial Analyst)
MA - (Economics) Old Dominion Univ
MA - (Business Admin) University of Arizona
Graduate Diploma- (Investment Finance) Ain Shams University
BA - Helwan University

Courses Taught

ECON 200 Introduction to Economics
ECON 215 Principles Of Macroeconomics
ECON 423 Financial Markets & Institutions
FIN 230 Personal Finance
FIN 330 Managerial Finance and Control
FIN 423 Financial Markets & Institutions
FIN 431 Intermediate Finance


Why do Companies Cross List? The Post Listing Anomaly Explained . International Journal of Finance and Economics, 2009

Does the Choice of Benchmarks Matter: The Characteristic Index Vs the Market Index . American Journal of Social and Management Sciences, 2010

Market timing and Earnings Management: Evidence from cross listing . International Research Journal of Applied Finance, 2011

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