Matching Directory Listings

Note: 456 is the prefix to all college telephone numbers. The area code is 401.

Faiola, Dean
Senior Cook
College Dining Services
Donovan Dining Center (DDC)
(401) 456-8027

Falangola, Chiara
Assistant Professor
Modern Languages
Craig-Lee Hall (CL) 328
(401) 456-8707
(401) 456-8029

Faria-Tancinco, Laura
Coordinator of ESL Programming
Professional Studies and Continuing Education
Roberts Hall (R) 301
(401) 456-8091

Farinella, Frank
Associate Professor
Management and Marketing
Alger Hall (ALG) 230
(401) 456-8704

Ferguson, Brian
Senior Maintenance Technician
Maintenance and Repairs
Physical Plant (PP)
(401) 456-8262

Ferland, Rob
Technical Director
Nazarian Center for the Performing Arts
Roberts Hall (R) 119
(401) 456-4786

Fernandes, John
Custodial Services
Physical Plant (PP)
(401) 456-8262

Ferrara, Victoria
Coordinator, Access to Integrated Employment
Sherlock Center on Disabilities
Sherlock Center (SC)
(401) 456-8072

Ferri, Lisa
Information Services Technician I
Records Office
Building 4 (B4)
(401) 456-9772

Ferus, Kenneth
Financial Aid Office
Building 3 (B3)
(401) 456-8033

Ficke Clemons, Rachael Lee
Youth Development Field Coordinator
Educational Studies
Henry Barnard School (HBS) 217

Field, Michael
Instructor, Political Science
Political Science Department
Craig-Lee Hall (CL)
(401) 456-8056

Fife, Joyce
Principal Clerk Typist
Sociology Department
Craig-Lee Hall (CL) 468
(401) 456-8026

Filinson, Rachel
Sociology Department
Craig-Lee Hall (CL) 461
(401) 456-8026
(401) 456-8732

Filipek, David
Associate Professor
Accounting and Computer Information Systems
Alger Hall (ALG) 233
(401) 456-9535

Fiore, Kim
Asst. Bursar (Cashiering & Store Front)
Office of the Bursar
Building 4 (B4)
(401) 456-8130

Fischer, Susan
Custodial Services
Physical Plant (PP)
(401) 456-8262

Fisher, Christine
Assistant Professor
Health and Physical Education
The Murray Center (MC) 138
(401) 456-9693

Fisher, Stephen
Art Department
(401) 456-8054
(401) 456-9670

Fitta, Kevin
Capital Projects
Physical Plant (PP)
(401) 456-9885

Foley, Joseph
Music, Theatre, and Dance
Roberts Hall (R) 249
(401) 456-9504

Ford, Joan
Director, Office of Partnerships and Placements
Feinstein School of Education and Human Development
Horace Mann Hall (HM) 103
(401) 456-8593

Foreman, Robert Long
Assistant Professor
English Department
Craig-Lee Hall (CL) 367
(401) 456-8885

Fortuna, Carolyn
Gender and Women's Studies
Adams Library (AL) 1B

Fox, Michael
Coordinator Of New Student Programs & Orientation
Office of Academic Support and Information Services (OASIS)
Craig-Lee Hall (CL)
(401) 456-8074

Fraatz, Janet
Assistant Professor
Henry Barnard School
Henry Barnard School (HBS)
(401) 456-8127

Fraley, Marie
Institute for Portuguese and Lusophone World Studies
Forman Center (F) 201
(401) 456-8476

Franco, Walter
Communication Department
Whipple Hall (WH)

Franzblau, Robert
Music, Theatre, and Dance
Nazarian Center (NC) 255
(401) 456-9514

Fraunfelter, Paul
Assistant Director, Facilities and Operations
Physical Plant Administration
Physical Plant (PP)
(401) 456-8262

Freeman, Deryl
Assistant Professor - Head, Metadata & E-Resources
Adams Library
Adams Library (AL) 202
(401) 456-8165

Freeman, Donnell
Custodial Services
Physical Plant (PP)
(401) 456-8532

Fryer, Jeffrey
Campus Police Officer
Campus Police
Browne Hall (BH)
(401) 456-8201

Furey, Jenlyn
Assistant Professor
Counseling, Educational Leadership and School Psychology
Adams Library (AL) 112
(401) 456-8555

Fusco, Cynthia
Information Services Technician II
Upward Bound
Craig-Lee Hall (CL) 110
(401) 456-8081

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