Promising Practices

Promising Practices

Promising Practices plays a key role in defining multi-cultural and diverse education in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Click here for more information.


Year Name Department
2015/2016 Stefan Battle Social Work
  Carol Cummings Health & Physical Education
2014/2015 Antoinette Gomes Unity Center
  Stefan Battle Social Work
2013/2014 Holly Dygert Anthropology
  Valerie Endress Communication
2012/2013 Corrine McKamey Elementary Educational Studies
  Holly Dygert Anthropology
2011/2012 August, Gerri Educational Studies
  McKamey, Corinne Elementary Education
2010/2011 August, Gerri Educational Studies
  Bogad, Lesley Educational Studies
2009/2010 August, Gerri Educational Studies
  Bogad, Lesley Educational Studies
2008/2009 August, Gerri Educational Studies
  Bogad, Lesley Educational Studies
2007/2008 Bigler, Ellen Education/Anthropology
Bogad, Lesley Educational Studies
2006/2007 Mendy, Peter History
Poole, Willis Educational Studies
2005/2006 Mendy, Peter History
Sciulli, Joe Elementary Education
2004/2005 Min, Eung-Jun Communications
Ozcan, Mustafa Educational Studies
2003/2004 Bogad, Lesley Educational Studies
Singh, Amritjit English/AFAM
2002/2003 Shelton, Carol Nursing
Thomas, David History
2001/2002 Howkins, Mary Ball Art
Fennessey, Sharon Henry Barnard
2000/2001 Rowell, Elizabeth Elementary Education
Motte, Mark Geography
1999/2000 Bigler, Ellen Education/Anthropology
Scott, Daniel English/AFAM
1998/1999 Lobban, Richard Anthropology
Henshaw, Elizabeth Elementary Education

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Past Promising Practices Keynote Speakers

Year Date Speaker
2015 November 7 Nicole Alexander-Scott
2014 November 1 Christopher Emdin
2013 November 2 Howard Rosing
2012 November 3 Dana Fusco
2011 November 5 Teen Empowerment (Boston)
2010 November 6 Dennis Shirley
2009 November 7 Adobe PDFTricia Rose
2008 November 1 Adobe PDFPeggy McIntosh
2007 November 3 Adobe PDFKathleen Cushman
2006 November 4 Adobe PDFLaura Wood
2005 November 5 Lelia de Andrade
2004 November 6 Paula Rothenberg
2003 November 15 Dennis Littky
2002 November 2 Paul Hei Matsuda
2001 November 3 Ronald Thorpe
2000 November 4 Diana Lam
1999 November 6 Patricia Medeiros-Landurand
1998 November 7 Ewa Irena Pytowska

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Outstanding Educator Award

In 2004 the Dialogue on Diversity Committee inaugurated this award to recognize outstanding Rhode Island educators.


Year Name School City
2007 Shawn Rubin CVS Highlander Charter School Providence
2006 Michael N. Browner, Jr. Frank E. Thompson Middle School Newport
2005 Nancy Diaz Metropolitan Regional Career & Technical Center Providence
2004 Kathleen Serverian-Wilmeth Pleasant View Elementary School Providence

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