Curriculum Committee Manual

Revised August 2004
Distributed September 2000

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Chapter l:       By-laws regarding the Curriculum Committee
1.1       ARTICLE on General Provisions Regarding Council Committees
1.2       ARTICLE on Curriculum Committee

Chapter ll:       Framework of the Curriculum Committee
2.1       The Organizational Position of the Curriculum Committee
2.2       The Responsibilities of Members
2.3       The Responsibilities of Officers
2.4       The Jurisdiction of the Curriculum Committee
2.5       The Curriculum Committee’s Relationship to Other Bodies
2.5.1    The Committee on Individual Graduate Programs
2.5.2    The Committee on Student-Designed Majors
2.5.3    The Committee on General Education
2.5.4    The Writing Board
2.6       Reports from Subcommittees

Chapter III:      Procedures of the curriculum committee
3.1       Meetings
3.2       Agenda
3.3       Conduct of Meetings
3.4       Distribution of Materials
3.5       Deleting Courses from the Catalog
3.6       Glossary of Terms Used in the College Catalog

Chapter IV:     Proposals and their Preparation
4.1       Types of Proposals
4.2       General information about the Preparation of Proposals
4.3       Transmittal Form
4.4       Supporting Documentation
4.4.1    Revision or Deletion of an Existing Course
4.4.2    Proposal for a New Course
4.4.3    Revision of an Existing Undergraduate Program
4.4.4    Revision of an Existing Graduate Program
4.4.5    Proposal for the Revision of Existing Curricular Policy or Curricular Practice or for a New Curricular Policy or Curricular Practice


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I          Annual Reports
I-A      The Content of Curriculum Committee Annual Reports
I-B      The Curriculum Committee Subcommittee’s Annual Report

II        Forms for Transmitting Proposals to the Curriculum Committee

The Forms in this manual marked with an * are in Microsoft Word form format.  To use a form, click on its title in the Index.  When asked if you want to open the form or save it, choose "Save" and save the form to disk (either your hard drive or a data disk).  You can then open the form in Microsoft Word, toggle through the fields (using the tab key), fill in the information, and save the file with a name appropriate to the content of the form (e.g. ENGL 574.CCCP.08-24-04; use CCTF for transmittal forms, CCCP for course proposal forms, CCUPP for undergraduate program proposals, and CCGPP for graduate program proposals).  Send completed forms along with all supporting documents to the Chair of the Curriculum Committee as attachments to an email.  Please refer to specific instructions for the preparation of proposals contained in Chapter IV of this manual.

II-A      Transmittal Form*
II-B      Course Proposal Form*
II-C      Undergraduate Program Proposal Form*
II-D      Graduate Program Proposal Form*

III         Report of Curriculum Committee Action to the Vice Presidents for Academic Affairs and to the President (Action Form)*
III-A      Form for Report of Curriculum Committee Action

IV         Subcommittees of the Curriculum Committee
IV-A      The Individualized Graduate Program Committee
IV-B      The Committee on Student-Designed Majors
IV-C      The Committee on General Education
IV-D      The General Education Honors Program
IV-E      The Writing Board

V          Policy on College Courses

VI         Policy on Credit by Proficiency Examination

VII        Policies Governing Off-Campus and Special-Format Courses
VII-A    Graduate Proposal for Off-Campus Course
VII-B    Undergraduate Proposal for Off-Campus Course

VIII       Policy on the Administration of Interdisciplinary Courses

IX         Policy on Limits on the Number of Credits for Undergraduate Majors

X          Policy on Mathematics Competency Requirement
X-A       Policy on Mathematics Competency and Writing Competency Requirements
X-B       Revision of the Mathematics Competency Requirement (1)
X-C       Revision of the Mathematics Competency Requirement (2)

XI         Policy on Course Credit/Meeting Time

XII        Guidelines for Certificate Programs

XIII       Policy on College Honors Program

XIV       Policyon x50 and x80 Courses

XV        Field Experience, Internship, Practicum Policy

XVI       Policy on General Critieria for Departmental Honors Programs

XVII      Policy on Remedial or College Preparatory Courses

XVIII     Policy on the Renumbering of Courses

XIX       Policy on Continuing Education Units

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