Problems Discussed in Counseling

Students come to the Counseling Center for a variety of reasons. They may be concerned about academic difficulties such as problems with memory, concentration, or procrastination. They may be feeling uncertain or worried about a career direction or choice of a major. Or, they may be having difficulties with relationships whether with parents, friends, romantic partners or roommates. Some may be struggling with issues of sexuality, including sexual orientation; others may have concerns about food, eating or body image. Still others may be experiencing problems with depression, anxiety, victimization, substance abuse or self-esteem.

Any of these problems, as well as innumerable others, are appropriate to bring to the Counseling Center.

Although many of these problems are within the range of normal, developmental issues, we can also help with even the most serious concerns. But regardless of the issue, coming for counseling does not mean you are "crazy," and given how hard life can be, talking with a professional counselor may be the sanest thing you can do. You need not even know clearly what is troubling you. Often, simply the process of talking with a trained and responsive listener will help to clarify and define the problem.

Page last updated: Wednesday, August 14, 2013