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Counseling Center​


Do you feel distressed? Do you wish to speak with someone? Please call the 24/7 Rhode Island College HOPE line: 401-456-HOPE (4673). The HOPE line is in addition to the counseling center and has been established to provide continuous support to our campus community. Please note that if you are in need of immediate support, please dial 911 and proceed to your local emergency room.

We welcome you to visit our Center and learn more about our free and confidential group counseling, individual counseling, couples counseling, emergency, and outreach offerings! 

As a Center, we embrace diversity and appreciate opportunities to support identity development. We know that growth and development are the natural throughout all stages of life. Although the college years are a time of tremendous growth, learning, and excitement, they are also invariably a time of challenge, stress, and, at times, distress and conflict. We meet with clients representing a wide range of ages and cultural backgrounds and are grateful to accompany each student on a journey of personal growth, increased awareness of helpful coping skills, and a reduction in pain and symptoms of concern.

The Counseling Center at Rhode Island College exists to help students fully develop their intellectual, emotional and social potential, and to alleviate the distress and conflicts which may interfere with that development. We offer a wide range of services to assist students in their efforts to learn and thrive during a life stage and in an environment of both great opportunity and challenge. We maintain strong relationships with community providers and can connect you to a community provider during any periods when you may be in need of more intensive support. When you later become in need of less intensive support, you are always welcome to return to the Counseling Center while you are enrolled as a student at Rhode Island College.

We wish to promote a culture of safety and continue the Counseling Center’s long standing commitment to social justice. We acknowledge the impact of the memorandum issued by the Department of Homeland Security on Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) on our community. We offer an environment of safety for all of those who are seeking support.

We invite you to call or stop into the office to make an appointment at the Counseling Center. You may also stop in on Thursdays at noon, without an appointment, to join our weekly Relaxation and Mindfulness offering throughout the spring semester open to all students, staff, and faculty members. We are excited to share our current counseling group offerings below. Please stop into the Center to learn more about our services or to request one of our new complementary stress balls!

​Our Interpersonal and Skill-Based Group Offerings Include:

• Beyond Cis: The Embracing Gender Group 

• Building Effective Relationships Group 

• Calming Anxiety through Mindfulness 

• Coping with Grief and Loss Group

• Cultivating a Healthier Relationship with Food through Mindfulness Group 

• Doing Things Differently: Beyond Procrastination Group

• Empowerment Beyond Trauma Group

• First Generation College Student Supportive Space Group

• Frustrations for the Future Group for Undecided Students

• Immigrants & Refugees Safe Space Group

• LGBTQ+ Empowerment Group

• Men’s Support Group 

• Moving Toward Security in Relationships Group 

• Racial and Ethnic Diversity Group

• Relaxation and Meditation Peaceful Space Group 

• Supporting Our Helping Professionals Group 

• Understanding Depression Group 

• Veteran’s Group: Gathering Together within our Community 

• Women’s Group: Women’s Space for Understanding Who We Are 

• Working through Anxiety Group ​​

Group Counseling

Beyond Cis: The Embracing Gender Group and LGBTQ+ Empowerment Group

Online Scheduling Portal

If you are in need of Emergency Support, please dial 911. If you are in crisis and in need of a same day crisis appointment during our Hours of Operation, MF 8:30am-4:30pm, please call 401-456-8094, or stop into the Counseling Center on the first floor of Browne Hall.

If you would like to schedule a non-urgent appointment using this online portal, please submit the following information below. If you have not received a follow-up call related to this form within 48 hours, please call the Counseling Center directly to make an appointment.​​​

Page last updated: November 20, 2019