Committee Description


A. Powers and Duties

The Committee shall:

1. Evaluate and act on proposals from the faculty and other College personnel seeking grants-in-aid from the Rhode Island College Faculty Research Fund to assist research projects. Evaluation may entail clarifying details of proposals with applicants and contacting competent authorities for assistance.

2. Award grants to defray such expenses as material and equipment, photocopying, travel, secretarial, student assistant and student aide services, computer services, consultation, library fees, and other costs directly connected with the project.

3. Ensure that the grant recipients:

a. Submit proposals which involve human participants or animal subjects to the Committee on the Use of Human Participants in Research or the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee for review.

b. Acknowledge the assistance of the College in any publications supported in whole or in part by grants from the Rhode Island College Faculty Research Fund.

c. Submit reports on the progress of their projects by September 30th of the year in which grant expenditures were concluded.

4. Ensure that the applicants are considered in the following order of priority: full-time faculty, other full-time College personnel, part-time faculty, and emeriti faculty.

5. Recommend to the Vice President for Academic Affairs via the appropriate academic deans/director, the allocation of funds for grants-in-aid to stimulate and promote scholarly study and research.

6. Notify the Vice President for Academic Affairs, deans/director, and applicants on action taken on proposals within a month following the deadline for submission.

7. Prepare an annual budget request for the Rhode Island College Faculty Research Fund to be submitted to the President of the College by April 15.

8. Provide for such review functions as are required by federal, state, and other granting agencies.

B. Membership

The Committee shall consist of five faculty members appointed by the Committee on Committees for staggered two-year terms with no more than one member from any one department. The Director of Research and Grants Administration will serve as an exofficio non-voting member of the committee.

COMPILER’S NOTES: The re-write of Section A. is per Council Resolution 95-1 which was approved by the Council 2/10/95, by Referendum in 11/95, and by the President 4/23/96. Article XVIII Section B. was amended by the Council 4/15/89 and approved by the President 4/18/89. NB: Article XVIII Section A.12. was amended by the Council 4/14/89 and approved by the President 4/18/89; however, the 1996 re-write makes this a moot point.