Committee Description


A. Powers and Duties

1. The Committee shall:

a. At the instruction of the Council of Rhode Island College or as called for in the Charter or By-Laws, conduct elections for all elective Council positions.

b. Conduct all referenda and elections in accordance with the provisions of the Charter and By-Laws.

c. Submit to Council recommendations for changes in electoral procedure.

d. Maintain a file specifying the procedures approved by Council for counting ballots in preferential balloting. Said file shall be available to all faculty upon request.

2. The Chair, or designee, shall:

a. Supervise the assembling of all data for the preparation of ballots.
b. Supervise the issuance, collection, and counting of ballots.
c. Immediately report results to Council and to the electorate.
d. Conduct, at the first meeting of the academic year, a review of existing procedures and duties of the Committee.

B. Meetings

1. The first meeting of the Committee shall be held within 60 calendar days from the opening of the academic year.
2. Other meetings shall be called by the Chair or at the request of two members of the Committee, or at the request of Council.

C. Membership

The Elections Committee shall consist of three members: two faculty and one professional staff member appointed for two-year terms by the Committee on Committees. The term of faculty members shall be staggered to ensure continuity of membership.