Committee Description


A. Powers and Duties

The Committee shall:

1. Serve as a communication link between faculty, staff, students, administration and the Manager of the Campus Store.
2. Actively solicit and interpret the concerns, complaints, and compliments of the College community regarding the operation of the Campus Store.
3. Advise and make recommendations to the appropriate unit head and/or, when appropriate, to Council on any relevant matter of policy, rules, or operations of the Campus Store.

B. Membership

The Committee shall consist of six members:

1. Three faculty members, appointed by the Committee on Committees for staggered two-year terms.
2. One student, appointed by Student Parliament for a one-year term.
3. One administrator, appointed by the President.
4. The Manager of the Campus Store, ex-officio, non-voting.

COMPILER'S NOTE: Amended by Council 2/10/89 and approved by the President 2/22/89.