Committee Description


A. Powers and Duties

The Committee shall recommend and, when requested to do so by the President, implement College policy and procedures relative to convocations, commencements, and other College events specified by the President.

B. Membership

The Committee shall consist of nine members:

1. Three faculty members, appointed by the Committee on Committees to serve staggered two-year terms.

2. The Senior Class President or designee.

3. One graduate student, appointed by the Vice President for Academic Affairs or designee for a one-year term.

4. Two administrators, one from Academic Affairs and one from Student Affairs, appointed by the President.

5. The Director of Conferences and Special Events, Chair.

6. The Director of Facilities and Operations or designee, ex-officio, non-voting.

COMPILER’S NOTES: Amended by the Council 10/11/02 and approved by the President.