Committee Description


A. Powers and Duties

The Committee shall:

1. Serve on a continuing basis through Council as an advisory committee to the President of Rhode Island College. It shall have as its principal duties the following:

a. To review the mission and purpose of Rhode Island College; to review the major goals of the College established to achieve its mission and purpose; and to initiate recommendations for changes in the College's mission and purpose and in its goals.

b. To ensure that Council and other College committees are informed about changes in the mission, purpose, and goals of the College and the impact such changes may have on their work and responsibilities.

2. Be empowered to establish such subcommittees as may be useful in the performance of its responsibilities. Membership on such subcommittees is open to persons other than those serving on the full Committee. Such subcommittee members shall be chosen by the full Committee.

B. Membership

The Committee shall consist of nine members:

1. Three faculty, appointed by the Committee on Committees to serve staggered three -year terms.

2. The Chair of the Curriculum Committee.

3. One student, selected by the President of the College after consultation with the President of Student Community Government, Inc.

4. One professional staff member, appointed by the Committee on Committees for a two-year term.

5. One administrator, appointed by the President of the College.

6. One representative of the general public, selected by the President of the College.

7. The President of the College, ex-officio, non-voting.

COMPILER'S NOTES: This section was amended by Council on 11/8/91 with approval of the President on 2/20/92.