Committee Description


A. Powers and Duties

1. The Committee shall recommend to the Director of Athletics, Intramurals and Recreation and to Council:

a. Policies governing the conduct of all athletic, intramural, and recreation programs.

b. Policies and procedures that encourage and facilitate the coordination of athletic, intramural, and recreation programs with any other entities having overlapping interests, especially in the use of facilities and equipment.

c. Personnel policies and procedures and standards of qualification and performance, governing initial appointment, periodic and special evaluation, reappointment, and non-renewal of personnel of the athletic, intramural and recreational programs, including coaches. These shall be consistent with any applicable written policies, standards, and procedures established by the Board of Governors, the President of the College, and collective bargaining agreements.

d. Policies and procedures for the development and administration of the annual budget for the department.

e. Policies and procedures that provide appropriate resources for athletic programs, intramural programs, and recreation programs.

2. The Committee shall have the power to review records and other documents and obtain information necessary for carrying out its responsibilities, and shall have the
authority to require the Director of Athletics, Intramurals, and Recreation and other personnel of those programs to provide such materials and information as it deems necessary for its official work, subject to College policies. In particular, the Committee shall provide for periodic review of whether due consideration is given to each of the three areas in the title.

3. The Committee shall give advice on matters related to athletics, intramurals, and recreation to the President of the College upon written request of the President. The Committee may give advice on such matters to the President or the Director of Athletics, Intramurals, and Recreation upon request of the Director or on its own initiative.

4. Decisions of the Committee on Athletic, Intramural, and Recreational Policy under the above provisions shall be subject to the approval of the President of the College.

B. Membership

The Committee shall consist of eight members:

1. Three faculty members, appointed by the Committee on Committees for staggered two-year terms.
2. Two students, one from the Student Athletic Advisory Committee and one from the Recreation/Intramural Committee, nominated by the President of Student Community Government, Inc. and appointed by the President of the College to one year terms.
3. One administrator, appointed by the President of the College.
4. The Director of Athletics, Intramurals, and Recreation, ex-officio, non-voting.
5. The Committee on Committees and the President shall endeavor to ensure that both men and women are reasonably represented.

COMPILER'S NOTES: Section VIIB.5 was amended by Council and approved by the President during 4/89. Section VII.B.5. amended by the Council on 11/14/03 and approved by the President to reflect current organizational structure.