Committee Description


A. Powers and Duties

The Board shall:

1. Establish, publish, and implement procedures for adjudicating alleged conduct by students contrary to policies and regulations of the College and to regulations established by other lawful authority, or breaching the rights of other persons. These procedures shall protect the rights of all parties. The Board shall emphasize the substance of issues rather than technicalities.

2. Be authorized to hear and adjudicate charges against individual students or student organizations in accordance with the provisions of paragraph A.1.

3. Be authorized to hear and adjudicate charges of academic dishonesty against individual students at the request of a faculty member, and also authorized to hear
and adjudicate student appeals of actions taken by instructors in such cases. In all such cases, the Board's ruling will be binding on both instructor and student.

4. Be authorized to assess penalties including, but not limited to, reprimands, suspension or cancellation of privileges, probation, suspension, and expulsion when an individual or organization is found guilty.

5. Oversee the administration of discipline of the College to insure compatibility and fairness.

6. Be permitted to delegate responsibility and authority to College officers (e.g., Dean of Students) or groups (e.g., a Student Court) and hear appeals of actions taken under this delegation.

7. In emergencies, or when it cannot be assembled, permit College officers designated by the Vice President for Student Affairs to act in its place. Such actions and
decisions shall be reported in writing to the Board. The Board shall have the power, upon the request of the aggrieved party, or upon its own initiative, to review the actions and decisions.

8. In its handling of cases of alleged academic dishonesty, be consistent with policy established by Council as to the role of the classroom instructor.

9. File a report of its activities, at least once each year, with Council, to be placed in the Council's public file, with the Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students, and with Student Parliament.

10. Make recommendations to the Council or its committees, to the Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students, and to any other appropriate persons or entities, for improvements related to the Board's responsibilities.

11. Meet, as necessary, at the call of its Chair or upon written request of the President of the College or any four Board members.

B. Membership

The Board shall consist of seven members, none of whom shall concurrently serve on the Committee on Student Life.

1. Four faculty members, appointed by the Committee on Committees, to serve for staggered two-year terms.
2. One undergraduate student, appointed by Student Parliament, to serve for a one-year term.
3. One graduate student, appointed by the Graduate Committee, to serve for a one-year term.
4. One administrator, appointed by the President of the College.