Committee Description


A. Powers and Duties

The Committee shall:

1. Review the College's policies and practices on academic advising, and the policies and practices of each department.

2. Examine and evaluate "best practices" employed at other colleges.

3. Make recommendations for improving the quality of academic advising at Rhode Island College in order to achieve further the College's commitment to recruit, enroll, retain, and graduate a diverse cadre of qualified students

B. Membership

1. Eight faculty members, to be appointed by Executive Committee of the Council of Rhode Island College. The members shall be appointed in proportion to the number of departments in each School, as follows:

Arts and Sciences (3)

Education (2)

Management and Technology (1)

Nursing (1)

Social Work (1)

2. The Vice President for Academic Affairs (or designee).

3. The Director of OASIS (or designee).

4. Two students appointed by the Executive Committee in consultation with Student Community Government.