Navigating Job Fairs

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Job fairs are a great way to meet with a variety of prospective employers in a small amount of time. They are also fast-paced, crowded, and have the potential to be overwhelming. You can maximize your experience and minimize your stress if you prepare in advance.

Let's be candid - employers pay a great deal of money to attend job fairs. This means they need to meet with many candidates throughout the day(s). They're not simply being nice when they invite you so speak with them, they really do want to meet with you. And you want them to meet you at your professional best.

Set Your Goals Before Attending

It is helpful to know why you are attending a job fair. Is your goal to "connect" with prospective employers and sell them on your candidacy with hopes that you will be invited on site for an interview? Is your goal to "collect" information from them so you can expand your understanding of the field, the position, and/or their company? Depending upon specific employers in attendance, you may employ a combination of the two strategies.

Our career counselors will be glad to help you prepare your job fair strategy.

To schedule an appointment, stop by Craig-Lee 054 or call 401-456-8031.

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