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  • Checking out various industries? Try for the inside scoop. This site takes a look at careers in venture capital, entertainment and sports, advertising and public relations, biotech and pharmaceuticals, etc.
  • If you are looking for information on accounting, government, investment management, technology, non profits, even a "Guide to Schmoozing", try This terrific resource features various employers and gives you job search survival tip

Salary Indicators

Rhode Island Salary Indicators may be found at

National Comparisons can be found by going to:

Career Assessments

Assessments at the Career Development Center

We offer TypeFocus - a computerized assessment of occupational interests, values, and skills as correlated to the job search.

As part of your TypeFocus experience, you will print out the results of your research and we invite you to coordinate your research with your CDC career counselor.

One hour appointments may be made in advance from 9:00am to 3:00pm; call us to arrange for a reservation.

If you're looking for an alternative assessment tool helpful in measuring interests, work activities, leisure activities and school subjects the Counseling Center offers the Strong Interest Inventory™, contact them at (401) 456-8094 for more details and arrange for an administration.

Free Online Career Tests

Career Counseling

Schedule a one hour appointment at least one day in advance with a career counselor to discuss your career assessment results, to figure out a career direction, or to confirm your own choices.

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