Campus Card FAQ

What types of accounts can I have on my Campus Card?

The Campus Card consists of 3 accounts:

  • The meal plan account which consists of 3 tenders:
    • Board for use at Donovan Dining Center
    • Guest Passes for use at Donovan Dining Center
    • Bonus Dollars for use at Donovan Dining Center, the Café, and the Galley
  • The Campus Points account is for use at all locations where points are accepted: DDC, café, Galley, RIC Bookstore, Convenience Store, Welcome and Information Center, many copiers, laundry facilities in all Residence Halls, and pay-for-print stations in the café and Adams Library. (Campus Points)
  • The DDC commuter points account is for use at Donovan Dining Center, the Café, and the Galley. This account is useful if you would like to restrict funds for food only. (DDC points)

    1 point = 1 cent

Is the RIC Funds Card the same as the Campus Card?

No. The RIC Funds Card is the Higher One Debit MasterCard, issued by the Bancorp Bank and administered by Higher One, to (1) provide RIC students refunds for excess financial aid (or any other credit you might have on your college account) and (2) student payroll

How do I make a purchase with my Campus Card?

When making a purchase at Donovan Dining Center, Café, or Galley present your card to the cashier and inform them which account you want to use for payment, Board, Guest Passes, Bonus Dollars, Campus Points, or DDC points. When making a purchase anywhere else on campus simply present your card to the cashier. Campus Points is the only acceptable tender at these locations

What do I need to do if I am authorized to access a Residence Hall?

Access to residence halls will be setup on move-in day. However, you can have your Campus Card activated for access at the Office of Residential life or Campus Card. If you lose your Campus Card, you must contact Residential Life or Campus Card Office immediately to prevent unauthorized use.

What about my library card?

You can activate your RIC ID for in-person borrowing privileges at the library here: Outside Link
To access online resources at the library, you will need to use your RIC User ID and RIC password . For questions or problems, please contact the Reference Desk at 401-456-8125.

How do I get it activated for the Recreation Center?

Go to the Recreation Center, present your Campus Card, and they will process your membership.

What if my Campus Card is damaged or outdated? Who do I report it to and how much does it cost to replace?

If your Campus Card is damaged due to normal wear and tear, bring the damaged card to Campus Card for a free replacement. Damage outside of normal wear and tear is subject to a $10.00 processing fee. Although your Campus Card may have a date on it, it does not expire. It is active for as long as you are an active student.

What can I do to protect my Campus Card?

Purchase a pouch or ID holder for it (available at the RIC Bookstore). Please do not punch a hole or alter the Campus Card in any way. Doing so might interfere with its ability to be recognized by the system.

What if I lose my Campus Card?

It's important you call 456-8394 to report your card missing. You may report a missing card during normal business hours to prevent unauthorized use. The college assumes no responsibility for unauthorized use of a card before it is reported. Replacement cards are issued in person and with appropriate identification. A processing fee of $10.00 will be assessed for a new Campus Card.

Page last updated: Thursday, October 6, 2016