Biology Symposia Series

Spring 2014

The Biology Symposia Series is held in Fogarty Life Science 050 on Thursdays at 4 pm.
Refreshments are served after the seminar in the Biology Lounge.

Speaker Date Adress and Affiliation Topic of Research
Sara Moore
Cynthia Gaudet
1/23 RIC Biology and Biochemistry majors Various SURF research projects
Deb Britt PhD
1/30 RIC Department of Biology Take a Break: DNA Repair and the Function of Bcp1 in Yeast
Jason Hughes PhD
2/6/14 Merk
Boston Ma
Research Outside Academia: The Application of DNA Sequencing in Drug Discovery
Kerri Warren
2/13/14 Roger Williams University Developmental Health Effects of Cadmium
Phil Gruppuso MD
2/20/13 Brown University Rapamycin, a Remarkable Drug with an Amazing Story
Leslie Griffith, MD PhD
2/27/14 Brandeis University
Director, Volen National Center for Complex Systems
Sleep in the Fruit Fly Drosophila melanogaster
Page Owen
3/6/14 Connecticut College Department of Biology Plants That Eat! Glands in Carnivorous Pitcher Plants as a Model System to Examine Plant Cell Biology
Carey Medin, Ph.D.
3/20/14 University of Rhode Island Virus-host Cell Interactions - Potential Targets for Therapeutics
Hazel Sive
3/27/14 MIT Department of Biology Development of the Vertebrate Face
Senior Seminar Presentations TBA

Lectures supported by the College Lectures Fund.

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