Biology Research Colloquium

Fall 2016

The Biology Symposia Series is held in Fogarty Life Science 050 on Thursdays at 4 pm.
Refreshments are served after the seminar in the Biology Lounge.

Food Science Career Panel
Speaker Date Affiliation Topic of Research

Dr. Spinette
Student Presentations:
Jeremy Boutin
Mikalya Lopes

9/3/16 Rhode Island College


RIC Faculty
Roland de Gouvenain

Rhode Island College Biology

Hold on to your seeds and burn, or sow them off and hope for the best: fire ecology of a South African shrub as an example of ecological tradeoff

Christine Duncan, M.D.


Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

"Gene Therapy for Rare Pediatric Diseases"

No speaker - no class 9/22/16    
Paula Grammas 9/29/16 Director,
Ryan Institute of Neuroscience

"The heart-brain connection in Alzheimer's disease"

Jennifer Wang, M.D. 10/6/16

University of Massachusetts
Medical School

“Viruses and Diabetes”
Justin Richard 10/13/16

Integrative and Evolutionary Biology
University of Rhode Island

"Learning from Whale Snot: Investigating Beluga Whale Reproduction Using Minimally Invasive Techniques"

Ritchie Brown 10/20/16

VAMC Brockton, Laboratory of Neuroscience

"How the brain controls when you wake up and when you go to sleep, and why you shouldn't pull an all-nighter"
Elizabeth Vierling 10/27/16

University of Massachusetts

“Transgenic plants: From basic research to agricultural applications”

Senior Seminar Presentations 11/3 - 12/8    

Lectures supported by the College Lectures Fund.

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