Biology Symposia Series

Spring 2015

The Biology Symposia Series is held in Fogarty Life Science 050 on Thursdays at 4 pm.
Refreshments are served after the seminar in the Biology Lounge.

Speaker Date Affiliation Topic of Research
Rose McDermott Ph.D. 2/12/15 Brown University Watson Institute for International Studies “Genetics and International Politics”
Marta Gomez-Chiarri Ph.D. 2/19/15 University of Rhode Island "Managing Diseases in Aquatic Organisms: It Takes a Village"
Kristie Lewton, Ph.D. 2/26/15 Boston University School of Medicine "What can our hip bones tell us about the evolution of bipedality?"
Stephen M. Fuchs, Ph.D. 3/5/15 Tuffs University “The Unique Biology of Short Tandem Repeats in Proteins”
Ricardo Mallarino, Ph.D. 3/19/15 University of Rhode Island “The Developmental Basis of Evolutionary Adaptations: Lessons From Darwin’s Finches and African Striped Mice”
George B. Witman, Ph.D. 3/26/15 University of Massachusetts Medical School “Cilia and Disease"

Lectures supported by the College Lectures Fund.

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