I. Summary

  1. In order to achieve Biology Department Honors, a student must complete laboratory research involving a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 6 credits.
  2. At the conclusion of the laboratory project the student will submit a paper summarizing their research. The paper will be evaluated by the research advisor and a copy will be kept on file by the Honors Program in Biology Committee.

II. Admission Requirements

  1. The candidate must be a Biology major. It is not necessary that the candidate be a participant in the College General Education Honors Program.
  2. Candidates who wish to enter the Biology Department Honors Program may do so after completing their second semester. Normally candidates must enroll in the program bythe beginning of the fifth semester.
  3. The candidate is expected to have a cumulative grade index of about 2.5 in all subjects, and 3.0 in biology courses before being considered for enrollment into the program. However, applicants not meeting these requirements may still be considered by the committee if their application includes a strong recommendation from a Biology faculty member.
  4. Written application for admission to the Biology Honors Program must be made by the student. The application form is available from the Biology Department or the Biology Department Honors Committee. (Copies will also be made available via the Department website as of the start the fall of 2007.) In addition to a completed application form, the applicant must also submit a letter of recommendation from a Biology Department faculty member.
  5. Admission to the Biology Honors Program is contingent not only upon the student's meeting the above requirements, but also upon the approval and invitation of the Biology Department Honors Committee.

III. Program

  1. All Biology Honors students must maintain satisfactory academic progress for all Biology courses.
  2. In addition, honors students are required to complete a laboratory research project in Biology 491-494 for a total of from 4 to 6 credits. (It is not necessary to take all of the credits in one semester.)
  3. In undertaking their research project, the prospective honors student will proceed as follows:
    1. During the semester preceding the laboratory research, the student must undertake a reading program supervised by the faculty member under whom the research is to be done (the advisor).
    2. Under the supervision of the advisor, the student should then plan and carry out the research project.
    3. Upon completion of the research, an Honors paper summarizing the research must be submitted to the advisor. The paper might include the main questions the research sought to address, any hypotheses that were formulated, as well as the results that were obtained and a discussion of the conclusions that could be drawn.
    4. The student's research advisor must determine that sufficient academic progress has been achieved for the research project.
    5. Three copies of the Honors paper must be submitted to the Honors Committee. If the student is completing his or her terminal semester, the paper must be received by the Biology Honors Committee at least one week prior to final exams.
    6. The student is encouraged to present the work orally or in the format of a poster presentation to the College community.

IV. Granting of Honors

  1. When the candidate has fulfilled the above requirements the Biology Honors Committee will recommend that the Biology Department, as a whole, grant the student Biology Honors.

V. Dismissal from the Program

  1. The student may be dismissed from the program if he or she fails to satisfy the requirements stated above, including maintenance of satisfactory cumulative grade indices.
  2. Dismissal from the Biology Honors Program may be appealed to the Biology Department Honors Committee who, together with the Chair of the department, will hear and act on the appeal.

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