Sarah Spinette

Fogarty Life Science (FLS) 233
(401) 456-8010
(401) 456-8907

Academic Background

Ph.D. Johns Hopkins University

Courses Taught

BIOL 108 Basic Principles of Biology
BIOL 111 Introductory Biology I
BIOL 241 Biology Research Colloquium
BIOL 320 Cellular and Molecular Biology
BIOL 491 Problems in Biology
BIOL 492 Research in Biology
BIOL 493 Research in Biology
BIOL 533 Advanced Research Methods in Molecular Biology
BIOL 560 Graduate Seminar
BIOL 653 Advanced Topics in Biology
BIOL 692 Directed Research
BIOL 693 Directed Research


Biology Department Honors Committee


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Chen D, Li S, Singh R, Spinette S, Sedlmeier R, Epstein HF. (2012) Dual function of the UNC-45b Chaperone with myosin and GATA4 in cardiac development. J Cell Sci. May 2.

Spinette S, Mahoney, JA, Rosen, A. (2006) The MPAC domain is a novel mitotically regulated domain, removed by apoptotic protease cleavage during cell death. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. Sep 8;347(4):1103-12.

Spinette S, Lengauer C, Mahoney JA, Jallepalli P, Wang Z, Casciola-Rosen L, Rosen R. (2004) Ufd2, a novel autoantigen in scleroderma, regulates sister chromatid separation. Cell Cycle. Dec;3(12):1638-44.

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