Annual Faculty Exhibition: New Mastery

September 9 - 30

Lisa Russell, Emergence No. 423 (detail).

The Annual Faculty Exhibition is an opportunity for the college and the community to have an ever expanding visual dialogue with the inspiring talent that is in resident at Rhode Island College.

The artists on the faculty are very much a part of the current global aesthetic and formal dialogue in their various approaches to art making, including research-based and interdisciplinary methods that are at the core of best practice models. As a result, students are encouraged by faculty example to think across boundaries. Also, these distinguished and award-winning artists collectively bring a unique vision not the region's cultural tapestry.

The gallery has been described in the media as being a sophisticated venue. This is due in large measure to the professional acumen of the faculty.

A complete list of studio faculty can be found at

Reception: September 9, 5:008:00 p.m.

Hall Space Gallery: Mary Bucci McCoy: New Paintings

Bucci McCoy
Mary Bucci McCoy, At Once (detail).

Bucci McCoy’s work seeks a dialogue that focuses on the material of painting in a physical and theatrical manner. The drama is the juxtaposition of the gesture and its reference to modernist traditions in art. These works are almost ritualist in their relationship to human form and represent contemplative gem-like moments or events through time.

Curated by gallery director James Montford

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