Embodied: The Figure in Paint

October 2 - 24



Work by Susanna Coffey, Bob Collins, Ann Gale, Catherine Kehoe, Francoise McAree, Patrice Sullivan

Reception: Thursday, October 2
5:00 - 8:00 p.m

An enduring theme throughout the Western traditions in painting, the figure as subject continues to be a vital construct for human expression. While the range of interpretation and aesthetic means are diverse, the significance of the figure to embody and express is constant.

Artists in this exhibit look toward the figure for meaning. With purposeful intent, each transforms the visceral substance of materials into images that speak to issues of identity, social narrative, relation or materiality. Light, color, form and space coalesce into structures and harmonies that carry distinct sensory quality.

These qualities intensify and reveal content.

Whether the process of investigation is driven by impulses that are psychological, metaphorical, perceptual or formal, the figure is central to the exchange between artist and content. Within this dialogue, fundamental knowledge of ourselves and our relation to the world is revealed.

Embodied: The Figure in Paint is curated by Lisa Gabrielle Russell, professor of art, Rhode Island College.

FOCUS GALLERY - This exhibit will be rescheduled to a later date

Meris Barreto: Blendings
The artist says of her work:
“My art work has always been multidisciplinary, combining aspects of sculpture, painting, writing and even performance. I am intrigued with combining materials that seem inherently opposite in nature and distilled to their basic elements: metal with glass, glass with rope,  stone with glass. . . . Underlying each piece are words – messages – which sometimes actually are a visual part of a piece, but are always motivating the outcome of each project.”


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