Elisa D'Arrigo

October 6 - November 2


Elisa D'Arrigo, Reconstructed (5) (detail) Image courtesy of
Elizabeth Harris Gallery, NYC

For some twenty-five years Elisa D'Arrigo has produced work that although largely abstract, alludes to the body, nature, and personal memory. A specific memory underlies many of these works, and partially determines its particular character and color. These are memories of things once observed and then held in mind, sometimes for decades: they are the subtext of the work.

D'Arrigo has commented, "Attempting to conjure a mental image into a physical object is an elusive process due to the fugitive, constantly shifting nature of memory. A work in progress could evolve for months (even years), expanding, contracting, even recombining with cast off parts of itself."

For this artist, memories are only points of departure. It is the physical process of making the work that takes over and has a life of its own. Manipulating materials--and how that results in particulars of form and configuration--is what ultimately determines each piece.

This exhibition is curated by Doug Bosch of the Rhode Island College art faculty.

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