October 2005

New Media Interpretations Of Femininity

October 6 - October 27

Iris Klein, Baum (Tree) II, 5" x 5", selenium toned silver print, 2002/04
In conjunction with the Annual October Series, Bannister Gallery is presenting the work of Austrian artist Iris Klein. Iris Klein is a multi-media artist residing in NYC. This year's October series engages multiple interpretations of femininity in different disciplinary and cultural contexts. Iris Klein's "Notes of a Body-Double", continues her inquiries into constructed photographic environments. Klein creates a series of still-life images inhabited by a featureless life-sized rag doll "peeled off" her body. Like a cartoon, we easily slip into this constructed world for the female figure functions in these images as a place-holder which reveals invisible cultural forces at play. Klein's work brings novel perspectives on intentionality, subjectivity, and gaze into the photographic discourse.

The related October series, New Media Interpretations of Femininity, will present speakers, performance and films on the manifold ways in which femininity manifests itself in contemporary culture.

Series organized by Katherine Rudolph (Philosophy), Alexandra Broches (Gallery Director) and Richard R. Weiner (Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences) with support by the College Lecture Series and the Arts and Sciences Dean's Office.

Opening reception at 7 p.m.

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