The RI Art Archive Project Exhibition

Nov. 7 - Dec. 20

Screening of the RI Art Archive Project is on December 12th @ 6:30PM in the Forman Theater with a reception and informal discussion to follow the film. This program is free and open to the public. Call the Bannister Gallery with any questions.

The RI Art Archive Project is a documentary film series that focuses on archiving the arts and artists of Rhode Island by bringing the voices of the Rhode Island arts community together to show their pioneering spirit and current relevance to topical issues. The film's producer is Holly Gaboriault.


Howard BenTre
Howard Newman
Deborah Baronas
Gretchen Simpson
Nancy Gaucher-Thomas
Leo Narducci

Peter Geisser
Ilse Nesbitt
Brian Shure
Morris Nathanson
Saberah Malik
Kenn Speiser
Salvatore Mancini

Project Concept

The RI Art Archive Project extends the conversation of the Rhode Island arts community to integrate different perspectives. By telling a Rhode Island story, it intends to reach a Rhode Island audience and beyond to document the state's cultural importance with preservation and archival documentation for Rhode Island public history. The PROJECT seeks to examine what makes Rhode Island a fertile ground for the fine arts by archiving the legacy of working artists of Rhode Island.

The RI Art Archive Project will provide both an online Vimeo channel creating individual profiles for artists in addition to a four-part documentary film series focusing on the Rhode Island arts community ranging from the visual artists, curators, museum directors, gallery owners, art historians and art collectors.

In the art world, New York City is often seen as one of the epicenters for the arts, yet Rhode Island is the most concentrated state per capita with artists. Many artists have achieved success regionally and internationally, making their life and work in Rhode Island. The project asks, What draws artists to Rhode Island and why do they stay? How is Rhode Island's art institutions stay topical and provoke artists and the community? Sparking a thoughtful community exchange can build new audiences and reveal the arts to those who otherwise may not believe it is theirs to understand and explore. The mission of the Project is to Archive, Educate and Inspire!

The RI Art Archive Project Exhibition further serves the mission of the film by presenting the creative verb of the featured arts in this group exhibition. The exhibition and related programs is an opportunity for the viewer to actively engage in a conversation with the artists.

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